Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Traveling Craftsman

Most of this blog has been travels and what I have seen along the way but quite frankly I am a craftsman and that is my life.  While on the road I managed to make a few things to either help or weigh me down as a travel the world.  I was stupid enough to bring with me some wrought iron along with all my portable tools.  The extra weight is just enough to be too much but I value the metal too much to dispose of it with bad intention.  I should have left it in California. 

While in California I managed to make and almost finish a few projects.  I attempted to forge a small axe head and a seax for traveling with but now I have two unfinished and heavy blanks.  The axe I could really use for chopping wood to make charcoal so I can actually forge my iron into something useful.

Anyway, the one thing I did manage to finish was a pair of new leather boots.  While walking the streets of San Francisco one night I happened upon a dumpster full of quality thick veg tanned leather!  I had so much I was forced to ship it home and took a few pieces with me to make stuff as I traveled.  Now my boots were falling apart and I wanted new ones which I searched endlessly online for cheap ones in my style.  I basically broke down and said I would make them myself in my own style, with my own leather, for free. 

And I did, they were not perfect but the best shoes I have made thus far (pair number three I think).  I didn't get to sole them till I got to Australia but they fit me well even though they are a bit stiff.  Hopefully they will soften up as a walk and not fall apart which I am slightly concerned with.

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